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The Seminary Hill

A neighborhood top choice, Seminary Hill is a little hillock situated around 6 kms from the city of Nagpur. The hillock gets its name from the theological school of St. Charles. From the highest point of Seminary Hill, one can get a dazzling perspective of Nagpur. Aside from these, the Japanese garden at its foot is one of the fundamental attractions of this place. It is likewise home to the S.F.S. School. The Lourd Mata Church or Grotto of Our Lady is additionally situated on the fields of Seminary Hill. Telankhedi Hanuman Temple and Satpura Botanical Garden are two different attractions of this hillock. Government bodies like the workplaces of Air Force, CGO Complex and TV Tower are additionally arranged in this lovely spot. As should be obvious, Seminary Hill is an autonomous traveler center point in itself! Regularly portrayed as the lungs of Nagpur, Seminary Hill is an ocean of green and the controlled wild offers astonishing walkways for morning walkers and joggers.