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  • Chapter 1: Photography Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Basics of Photography
  • Chapter 3: Types of Photography
  • Chapter 4: Shutter Speed
  • Chapter 5: Aperture
  • Chapter 6: F-Stop
  • Chapter 7: ISO
  • Chapter 8: Composition
  • Chapter 9: Metering
  • Chapter 10: Camera Modes
  • Chapter 11: Focusing
  • Chapter 12: Flash
  • Chapter 13: Camera Handling
  • Chapter 14: Camera settings
  • Chapter 15: Photography Tips
  • Chapter 16: Photography Ideas


Photography is not just capture the world. what matters is how you capture the beautiful moment or any expressive subject in your photographs which makes you happy and pushes you outside of your comfort zone.

Don’t take everything in this photography lessons as “truth.” Rather,see the masters of photography as your personal guides. You need to choose which lessons resonate with you. Ultimately to find your own personal vision and style in photography.Find yourself through the lessons, and discover the type of photographer you are.