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Friendship Day 2019: Learn what is the Friendship Day and what is in these 5 Point

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Friendship Day 2019 is about to come. This day of friendship celebrated on the first Sunday of August holds special significance for friends. Friendship is a relationship that does not require blood relations. Just think, how boring the life of a friend looks like. Whom do we share our heart with and talk about things? But, do you know, why is the Friendship Day finally celebrated on the first Sunday of August? So let’s know what is the History of Friendship Day

– Celebrated as a symbol of friendship, this day was started in the year 1919 by the suggestion of Hallmark Card founder Josh Hall.

– For the first time in 1935, the United States Congress announced the celebration of Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August. It was first celebrated in America.

– In 1997, cartoon character Winnie the Pooh was chosen by the United Nations as the international ambassador of friendship.

– Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August, in many countries of the world including India, but in the South American countries, July is considered to be quite sacred. Therefore it is celebrated in the end of July only Friendship Day. United Nations has also stamped its mark on this day.

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