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Three divorce bills: PDP protests till the end, but in such a way, the Modi government on the day of voting

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The attitude of the PDP MPs of the Jammu and Kashmir Party about three Triple Talaq Bill was also astonishing. Two MPs of the party did not participate in voting after the bill was introduced in the Upper House.’

New Delhi:

Three long locked in the Rajya Sabha(Triple Talaq) passed on Tuesday. In the Rajya Sabha 99, in support of this bill, 84 members voted against it. In order to pass this bill many regional parties have played a big role in not participating in voting. Due to not participating in the voting by these parties, the majority figure was reduced and PM Modi passed the bill to the Upper House. Three Triple Talaq BillThe attitude of the MPs of Jammu and Kashmir PDP MPs was also shocking. Actually, two PDP MPs did not participate in the vote after the bill was submitted to the Upper House. Because of this, the majority of the figure has decreased. And the Modi government was successful in passing this bill. Let me tell you that PDP Party President Mehbooba Mufti had said before the bill was submitted in the House that it would not cooperate with the government in any way about this bill. But without taking part in the voting by two MPs of his party indirectly, the benefit to the Modi government is only to be done.

Nitish Kumar on the three divorced bills in the Rajya Sabha

Explain that Mehbooba Mufti had just said a few days before the three divorce bills that the Modi government was trying to enter the houses of our (Muslim) people with the help of this bill. They also made a tweet about three divorce bills. He wrote that I am not able to understand why a Modi government is bound to pass this bill, especially when the Supreme Court has declared it illegal. This is done only to punish Muslims. In such a situation, when the condition of the economy of the economy is getting worse, should it be an important issue for the government?

t is worth mentioning that among the demand for strong objection to the opposition and the bill being sent to the Select Committee, the Triple Talaq Bill passed from the Rajya Sabha. Earlier, the demand for sending the Bill of Opposition to the Select Committee also fell in the House. During voting, 84 votes were cast in favor of sending the bill to the Select Committee while 100 votes were cast in opposition. Now this bill will be sent to the President for acceptance. Having three divorce bills from the Rajya Sabha is being considered as the big victory of the Modi Government. After the bill was passed, Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had said that today is a historic day. Both houses have given justice to Muslim women. It was the beginning of an emerging India.

Triple Talaq Bill 2019: Read, What are the three Divorce Bill provisions

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, appearing for the government’s plea in favor of the bill, had said during the discussion on the bill that three divorced legislation has been brought from Muslim women for justice and should not be seen from any political spectacles. The Law Minister said this while presenting the Muslim Women (Marriage Rights Protection) Bill 2019 in the Rajya Sabha for discussion and passing. He had said that despite the ban on this practice in a decision by the Supreme Court, the practice of three divorces is still in progress. This bill has been passed from the Lok Sabha last week. Ravi Shankar Prasad had said that this issue should not be seen from the point of view of political spectacles or vote bank politics. This is the question of humanity. It has been introduced to ensure women’s justice and their dignity and authority. It will also ensure gender dignity and equality.

Nitish Kumar on the three divorced bills in the Rajya Sabha

Opposition parties have voiced strong opposition
in the Rajya Sabha, along with most opposition parties including the Congress, AIADMK, YSR Congress also strongly opposed the three divorced legislation demanding it to be sent to the Select Committee. The members of the opposition parties termed it as ‘breaking the Muslim families’. While participating in a discussion on the Muslim Women (Marriage Rights Protection) Bill 2019 in the Upper House, Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad raised the question that how will the husband and wife’s alimony be given when the divorced husband gets sent to jail for three years? Will you give He had said that it is like trying to burn the house with the lamp of the house. He said that the purpose of this bill is to ‘break Muslim families’. He had said that marriage in Islam is an old agreement.

JDU in the NDA told why he is opposed to three divorce bills

participating in the protests of JDU, Vishishta Narayan Singh of JDU opposed the bill. He had said that he will neither speak in support of the bill nor will he accompany the bill. He had said that every party has its own ideology and it has complete freedom that it will move forward on it. After this, JDU members protested against the bill and got out of the house.

On the advice of the TMC government , Trinamool Congress’s Dola Sen, while referring to the provisions of the three divorced legislation, had said that if the divorced husband is put in jail then he should live in jail for his wife and children. How to give allowance? Sen advised the government that this bill should be sent to the Select Committee. They also demanded the bill to remove the provision of making a crime for the three divorces.

Triple Talaq: Women’s accusation: In-laws did not get 40 thousand rupees so the husband gave the ‘Triple Divorce’

Samajwadi Party also
protested against this bill, Javed Ali Khan of Socialist Party said that many wives leave their husbands. He wanted to know from the government whether he would bring any law to punish such husbands and give alimony to such abandoned women? He said that Muslim marriage is an old agreement. He said that divorced means to end this agreement. He said that under this law divorce is being criminalized, which is not proper. He alleged that the government has brought this bill for political reasons and it is not right to do so.

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