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Nagpur Travel Guide

Nagpur is called as the winter capital of Maharashtra and the third biggest city as well. It is additionally proposed to be one of the savvy urban areas of the nation is likewise called the Tiger Capital. What makes the city extremely prevalent in India is its broad creation of oranges, which likewise earned Nagpur a title “Orange city” too. Specked with a few chronicled and religious destinations and a couple of advanced attractions, Nagpur makes a decent place to spend an occasion in Maharashtra.

How To Reach Nagpur

Nagpur is the business center point of Maharashtra. A legitimate roadway associates the city with different parts of the nation. The closest places to Nagpur which are imperative for trade and also living arrangement are Pune and Mumbai. Well fabricated streets and railroads interface the city all through.

Via AIR:

Nagpur is on imperative spots of the nation. Henceforth it has a worldwide end as well. The air terminal is only 10km far from the primary city and has an ideal stream of vehicles to it. Bearers, for example, Air India, Indigo, Jet aviation routes all have visit flights in them.


Nagpur Junction is an essential rail end of the nation. It is the fundamental intersection between the focal and the south eastern railroad. Various trains keep running between Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Chennai and so on.


Being a major and basic city, Nagpur is associated by a very much looked after expressway. The NH-6 or the Hajira-Kolkata thruway interfaces Nagpur to different parts of the nation. There are additionally two essential transport end . The Nagpur Bus Sthanak and the Mor Bhawan. Transports from Nasik, Amravati, Hyderabad Mumbai and Pune fly frequently.

Best Time to Visit Nagpur

Nagpur is such a place in Maharashtra which has a dry or for the most part a semi-moist atmosphere. The critical focuses of visit, for example, the Science centre, the Sitabuldi Fort, The Balaji Temple and so forth. So a few regions being situated at the higher height is cooler, however puts on bring down elevation experience the ill effects of extreme issues. Henceforth the best time to visit Nagpur is winter when the temperature ranges from 10 degree to 15 degrees, making it charming for explorers to go out in the sun and open regions for touring.

Summer: (March to June)

In summer, the temperature remains moderately sweltering and high. The temperature ascends to 49 degrees. It is even muggy making sweat-soaked inclination throughout the day. This sweltering climate is in this way makes visit extremely difficult.


Monsoon: (July to September)

amid the storm season the city of Nagpur or the Chota Nagpur area gets substantial precipitation. The damp and swampy region makes a sort of inconvenience. In spite of the fact that the temperature goes down generally down, yet open air exercises of visiting and games is very troublesome at that point.


Winter: (October to February)

this is the best time to visit Nagpur from October to January end or mid of February. The temperature ranges from 10 degree to 15 degrees, making it lovely to visit. The ideal perspective of nature gets parallel with the visiting sights in this season as it were.

Popular Attractions for Tourists in Nagpur

  1. Deekshabhoomi
  2. Balaji Temple
  3. Ambazari Lake
  4. Japanese Rose Garden
  5. Raman Science Centre
  6. The Dragon Palace Temple
  7. Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium
  8. Sri Poddareshwar Ram Mandir

Picnic spots near Nagpur

1. Waki Woods:

Waki Woods offers a wide assortment of exercises going from winged animal watching, sculling, horse riding to bows and arrows, making it a perfect one day outing spot close Nagpur. It is a much looked for after goal among trekkers and furthermore gives outfitted rose convenience, water, power, phone and tasty sustenance. This all around associated zone is made terrific by grand perspectives of expand greenery and natural life that lie on its way.

Separation from Nagpur: 30 km

Key attractions: The Waki Woods Dhaba offers tasty sustenance at disposable costs.

Best time to visit: Its evergreen magnificence makes it an unquestionable requirement visit all consistently.


2. Adasa

A curious town Adasa incorporates various antiquated sanctuaries, yet it is the celebrated Ganesh sanctuary from which the town infers its popularity. The focal fascination of this one of the eight Ashta-Vinayak sanctuaries in Vidarbha—the monstrous Ganesh symbol—is conceivably self-built up.

Separation from Nagpur: 35 km

Key attractions: Around 2 km away lies the hypnotizing sanctuary of Vithoba, neglecting the Bhima stream.

Best time to visit: Either amid winters or rainstorm.


3. Ramtek

Legends trust that it was at the memorable Rama’s sanctuary arranged in Ramtek, where Lord Rama visited amid his outcast. The Temple is acclaimed for its fanciful and otherworldly esteem, as well as for its engineering centrality.

Separation from Nagpur: 50 km

Key attractions: The prestigious Jain sanctuary, the Khindsi Lake and the Waterfall at Totladoh lie in closeness to the place.

Best time to visit: Plan an outing in the period of November when the town directs the fortnight-long Kalidasa Festival that sees exhibitions by music, move and show maestros.


4. Khekranala

located in the midst of the greens of the Khapa extend, Khekranala allures countless and voyagers to make the most of nature’s wonders. Despite the fact that the place is a much looked for subsequent to trekking goal, it additionally gets its acclaim from the turquoise lake it has. Set a base camp here for trekking or just absorb the supernatural mix of blue and green of the store.

Separation from Nagpur: 64 km

Key attractions: It offers a few water-donning offices, and The MTDC visitor house is renowned for its refreshments.

Best time to visit: Pay a visit amid storm to best appreciate the season’s showers in the midst of characteristic wonder.