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The Power of Thinking Big

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Since we were kids, we’ve been conditioned to see ourselves as having limits.

Children are born free of mental baggage. They see themselves as capable of doing
and being anything they choose. That’s why as kids we dream of being astronauts or
explorers or movie-stars. But as we get older – our minds get shackled. We slowly
give up our dreams to fear, worry or feelings of lacking.

This is a big mistake. You see, it’s as easy to manifest a million dollars as it is to
manifest one dollar. It may take a little longer – but it’s just as easy. But due to
negative feelings and fears – few of us attempt such big dreams.

Instead, we settle for the ordinary and as a result fall into the current reality trap.

How many dreams have you given up on?

Here’s a list of big goals that people often put off.

• Writing a book
• Starting new business
• Learning newlanguage
• Having a baby
• Visiting new country
• Getting that degree
• Attending that seminar
• Starting a Internet business

Vow to stop putting down your dreams!

Regardless of what may be going on in your life, I’d suggest that you take the time
to build a very clear image of the life you want. Then, hold that image – focus on it
daily. Take the time to paint the image in your mind – paint the image with words on
a sheet of paper first. Write it again and again, and when you do, mix it up a little.
Picture yourself in different scenarios enjoying this result in your life.

I want you do to this at least once each day for a full month. As William James says,
“You are depositing this image in the treasury of your subconscious mind. And when
that happens … it will attract itself into your reality”.

The first step to this of course, is deciding what this image is.


The First Step, Deciding What You Want

The Mind is Like a Drunken Monkey, Forever Jumping Around, Never Staying Steady ~ Zen Saying


The world and everything and everyone in it has a tendency to keep its conscious
attention jumping from one idea or activity to another. The average individual has an
ARRAY of unrelated subjects laying across the screen of his mind … the likes of which
you’d have difficulty finding anywhere else outside of a common encyclopedia! There
is no focus, no direction, and no stimulated, controlled thinking going on at all.
As Wallace Wattles mentions in this chapter, “You can never get rich or start the
creative power into action by sending out unformed longings and vague desires.”
What Wallace is saying is this: Many of us are not sure what we want and so we get

Here’s the problem:

Let’s say you decide you want to open a specific business, say a particular Internet
home business. You’ve been dreaming about it – thinking about it – feeling the
excitement at the prospect of being able to run your own profitable website.
Now of course as you’re experiencing these feelings and thinking about it, the Law of
Attraction starts going into action and things begin to happen to bring you towards
this dream.

But then you have a friend approach you with a different business idea, say to open
a restaurant. You suddenly get excited at this prospect. You now start to question
the Internet Business idea.

Of course, as you’re doing this, you continue using the Law of Attraction. But in the
opposite way. The internet business that was coming your way…now gets pushed
away. A whole new reality is being created – now a reality of you as a restaurant
But it does not stop there. A few weeks later, your friend may decide that he no
longer wants to go into that venture with you. Now you’re back to square one. Two
businesses were on their way into your reality – but your indecision had pushed them
Every time you dream of a new goal – you plant a little seed in the Universe.
Focusing and thinking of the goal is like watering that seed. As you apply more
thought to the goal – shoots finally begin to sprout and push out of the ground.

But way to often – it’s at this point that we suddenly change our minds. And when we
do that we push the shoots back into the ground. No beautiful plant takes shape.
And in terms of our goals – we move back to square one.

To overcome indecision – think carefully about what you want. And stick to it as long
as your feelings about it stay positive.


The Second Step, Think BIG

Remember, the Law of Attraction implies that anything is within your field of
possibility if you desire it strongly, believe in it, and take action towards it.

If you had a genie ready to grant your wishes, would you ask for something small?
Say a chocolate milkshake?

No. You’d be nuts. You’d be asking for bigger things. A business, a soul-mate,
glorious health, glorious wealth.

The Law of Attraction is like a genie. So don’t squander your potential on small

Now here’s why it’s important to think big. There is so much that can be improved in
the world. There is much you can contribute.

But you cannot do this by being mediocre.

Jose Silva, the founder of Silva Method studied the Law of Attraction for many years
and one of the things he found was that the Law of Attraction works best for you and
you can ask for something that will not just benefit you, but others too.

Setting a goal of getting a $1000 raise is a small goal. There’s not much you can do
to benefit the world with that extra $1000 per month. But setting a goal to run your
own business and earn $50,000 a month is a good goal. With that money you can
not only create a good life for your family, but also donate money to your favorite
charities or fund neighborhood projects.

You owe it not just to yourself – but to the world – to THINK BIG.

So how do you tell if your goal is big enough?

Joe Vitale, one of the teachers from the Secret has a wonderful quote

A good goal should SCARE you a little.
And EXCITE you A LOT! ~ Joe Vitale


That simple quote sums up some really important lessons.
If the goal doesn’t excite you, well you’re not going to attract it.

Thought +  Emotion =  Attraction 

Goals that EXCITE you are the type that let you pour your heart and soul into them.
The bigger the goals – the more excited about it you can get.

Now let’s look at the second part of that quote. “Scare you a little.”

If you don’t feel a tiny bit nervous about the goal – odds are you’re THINKING TOO

Apply this principle to your goals. Do they excite you? Do they scare you a little?
Those that do are probably the right ones.


Step Three, Share Your Goals with the People Who

Does your business partner share your vision and goals for your business?

Do your spouse and kids share your goal of moving out of the city?

It’s important to share your goals with people who matter. Especially people whose
lives will be greatly influenced by you attaining these goals.

The Law of Attraction applies to all of us – all of the time and helps shape our reality
– but it also shapes the reality of those closest to us.

If your spouse dreams of moving into a country house while you dream of moving
into a city apartment, your goals are not aligned. You may cancel each other out, be
greatly unhappy or for better or worse – both of you may get what you desire – but
minus each other. The same applies to businesses – are your partners and
employees sharing your vision?

There are certain goals you may want to keep private though. Perhaps a crazy idea
you’re not yet ready to share. These are often called Pocket Goals. It’s okay to keep
these private and hidden.

We all influence each other in profound ways. We can help one another attain a goal
when we’re aligned. But we can also create barriers for one another when our goals
pull us in different directions.

Why You Can’t Win the Lottery
This helps us answer a common question. If the Law of Attraction is so Powerful why
can’t I use it to win the Lottery?

You cannot use it to win the lottery simply because while you may be dreaming of
this – millions of others who bought tickets are also trying to attract this. All of you
cancel out each others intentions!

Setting a goal to win the lottery is a lousy goal – the lottery winnings are limited. But
setting a goal to earn money through honest means is not. Abundance is unlimited.
Spread the Message

As we all influence each other, it is important to share our goals with people who
matter. If your family members and business associates are aware of the Law of
Attraction. Their success will only help reinforce your own.

This is perhaps why The Secret DVD spread so rapidly to millions around the world. A lot of people brushed it off to good marketing. I don’t believe this. I think it spread
because people realized that this knowledge would greatly improve the lives of their
loved ones – and thus, impact their own lives and dreams.
In the same way, I hope you’ll forward these lessons to your loved ones and friends.
Ask them to sign up for this 7 Part Free Course.

James Allen said, “You don’t get what you want … you get what you ARE.” You have
rich resources lying dormant within you. The development of what lies there inside
you will cause the manifestation of prosperity into your material world … the creation
of healthy, giving relationships … and successful endeavors in whatever you choose
to do.

You simply must Decide what it is you want….. Ask, believing that you will receive
it…. and then Open up and gratefully receive it.

Let’s think about this in regard to earning money … Although the differences in what
you’ve earned over the last 12 months and what you choose to earn over the next
12 months might be great, the change in your personality is usually very small … it’s
all a matter of CHOOSING – and changing– your thought.

Your right to life means your right to have the free and unrestricted use of all the
things which may be necessary for your physical, mental spiritual unfolding – in other
words, your right to be rich. We have the RIGHT to choose, the ability to choose
what we’re going to have … “Ask and it will be given.”